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How can a Tradesman get more business via the Internet ?

Getting a website or a listing on a Tradesmen / Business directory does not automatically guarantee that you will get more business via the Internet.

(Tradesmen for purposes of this discussion are typically the people listed on The Helderberg Tradesmen directory.)

The same principles that applies to every other business, also applies to a Tradesmen that operates a business for his own account. The same rules regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) applies to Tradesmen who do own their own website. But what does Tradesmen who are successful on the Internet do differently to those who aren’t?

To find out for yourself do a Google search and you will see:

  • The people that pay Google to appear in the top spots . (Google Adwords) and
  • Below them you will find the best websites (definition to follow) as well as a mix of quality and low quality directories taking up page 1 or 2 of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages.)
  • You will also often find Google my business (Google Maps Pages)

Let’s discuss above in a little more detail:

Google Adwords

Google Adwords works on a bidding system where you bid for certain keywords, set a daily and monthly budget where the highest bidder gets the top display spot. In a free market system , supply and demand determines prices. If you see your competition advertising with Google you should ask yourself why are they doing it.

The cost of acquiring a new client (cost of acquisition) should be viewed against the value one new client can bring to your business.

We do assist with Google Adwords at a cost of R500 per month plus Vat via our Head Office. You decide how much you can afford to spend per month, no long term contracts. This should obviously be considered only after having a great website designed.

Best Websites

To understand what is meant by the best websites you need to watch this short Youtube video from Google to understand how search works.


The best websites are those websites who adheres best to all the principles mentioned in the above short video.

When you study the top websites on page 1 and 2 of Google you will notice that those websites almost always have the best information (Text) and those websites will have done the basics right like including the words they want to be found for like Plumber + Helderberg or Electrician + Somerset West on the important pages.

For the most Tradesmen the description of their services are the same as the next Tradesmen.  Google and the rest of the world are bored to read the same story. Eg Commercial, Industrial and Residential …… Or COC (Certificate of Compliance) . You need to bring something new to the world.

A great place is to include a Testimonials section on your website and to ask your happy clients for testimonials. Another great place is to update your gallery with new photographs of jobs done BUT to also add a proper description of what is taking place on the pictures.

A paid link on a directory like The Helderberg Tradesmen Directory will also boost the SEO of your website. Free links from reputable websites like those of your material suppliers will also boost the ranking of your website. Be careful of offers from especially foreign countries for link building services where you pay to get a lot of low quality websites linking to your website. Google will penalize you for this.

Google my business page

To get a Google my business page is free , quick and easy. There has been a recent move by Google to favor local search results. People looking for a plumber in the Helderberg do not want a plumber in Cape Town. It’s crazy not to have a Google my business page for your business. About 60% of our last 10 web design clients came via our Google my business page.

Facebook Page

To get a Facebook Page is also free. Advertising on Facebook can be very effective as you can target Facebook users in a very specific geographic area, target persons in a certain age group, people interested in specific topics or people who are self-employed.

One can also get free mentions and recommendations on Facebook.

When one wants to grow a small business into a bigger business one need to consider all the different departments which one finds in big businesses like admin, marketing, human resources, production etc.

Without marketing you will never gain more clients.

There are other ways to market your business website like via signage on your vehicle, newspaper ads, business cards and brochures. In the Helderberg we also have the screen adverts displayed in the pubs and restaurants to consider.

Buddy Web Design can assist with a listing on this directory, blog entries , Facebook Page design and management, Google my business pages and SEO / Website Copywriting .

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